According to the United Nations, by 2050 the urban areas in emerging markets will grow by 2.6 billion people. This growth is creating challenges for urban planning and development. Platinum GlobalRE partners with governments and private developers who are seeking effective solutions to these challenges.

Our proprietary technologies and comprehensive real estate expertise can make large projects viable from a technical and economic perspective. We make it possible for our partners to rapidly construct large numbers of attractive, cost effective properties that are hurricane, earthquake, fire, termite, & mold resistant.

Platinum GlobalRE is known for its successful collaborative approach to real estate development opportunities. Our group has broad-based experience in residential housing, build-to-suit, and mixed-use development. Our proven cost effective technologies provide value to our project partners by providing better controls over the building process. This translates into more efficient construction, faster project completion and real cost savings for stakeholders.

Specialist in large-scale real estates projects, we provide a complete system including technical supervision and construction materials that meet or exceed international building codes.


Almost any design can be used. Sustainable features such as: water capture and sanitation systems and solar panels can be included.